Political Signs and Campaign Essentials

Easily create custom political signage that gets the word out.

Looking for a quick way to promote your run for office? Look no further than custom signage. Bold and attention-grabbing signage like political banners, yard signs and flyers let’s potential voters know who you are and what you stand for. Simply place your election signage in your front lawn, window or store – or hand out while canvassing at campaign rallies and other political events.

It’s easy to add your personal touch to our campaign signs. First, browse through our variety of design templates. Whether you’re running for mayor or sheriff, a Democrat, Republican or somewhere in between, you’ll find the right design for you. Then, add all the important information onto your sign. Write your name, slogan and party affiliation – you can even upload a photo for instant recognition. Finally, place your order, and your custom signage will arrive at your door – and ready to impress – in as few as three days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are some good campaign promotion ideas?
A: If you drive a lot, add a political bumper sticker or car decal on your vehicle. You can also hang up campaign posters in your store or hand out political flyers at events. And finally, placing election yard signs in your lawn is sure to grab attention.

Q: When should I put my campaign signs out? And how long should I leave them out?
A: We recommend putting up your political signs (like campaign yard signs and election banners) about 90 days prior to an election. Don’t forget to remove them about 10 days after the election is over.

Q: How should I design my campaign signs?
A: Here are some tips to ensure your products grab attention:

  • Make your font large enough to read from a distance.
  • Keep your main message simple and clutter-free.
  • Add colours that match your campaign branding.
  • Upload a high-resolution photo of the candidate.

Q: Can you help me design my political signage?
A: We can. Our team of expert graphic designers can create a custom sign for you, starting at just $5. Click here for more info.

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