1. Content Research

After design, content is the most important element of a website. A good political website should have content that conveys your goals and vision. We make sure that the content is friendly enough so that your average voter can understand it, at the same time its conceived in a way that it keeps your voter engaged. 

2. Domain Registration

Whenever you go online with a website, your domain name represents you. We choose a domain name that is closet to your tag line and easy for voters to remember, along with it we also make sure that we keep the registration process swift for you.

3. Website Hosting

Once you have your political domain, you need it on internet for your voters. Website hosting is a virtual on online space that will keeps your website for political campaign secure and live. We offer the best hosting will minimum down time for website of political candidates.

4. Website Design

Design of your political website is what makes sure that your voters sees the content you want them to see with a ability of easy and fast navigation. VoterBiz has been acknowledged with multiple design awards over the years for its unmatchable design services.  

5. Website Development

Professional Political Websites are a combination of finest design and carefully curated content. We develop website for political candidates that make a impact which gets them in to the league of wining political candidates  

6. Website Maintenance

Making sure that your political website is there for your voters all the time is of utmost importance during your campaign and even after it. This enables your voters to know about you and updates about your political campaign.

7. Website Optimization

If you have a political website that is slow and takes centuries to load then you are losing many potential voters that came to know about you and left without knowing because your website is too slow. We optimize speed and content of your political website.

8. SSL Certification

Whenever you raise funds for your political campaign you need to have a payment method on your website that enables your supports to fund you online. With the convenience of online fundraising there comes a responsibility to secure payment process for your clients. We install secure SSL certificate for it. 

9. Custom Email Setup

There is no doubt that we all are used to the conventional email address but for a good political campaign you must have a custom email address that is connected with your domain. We choose, make and setup your custom political email address with your favorite email interface. 


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