What is a Board Room?

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A boardroom is an area where an entire group of people usually those chosen by shareholders to lead the company, meet. It can also refer to rooms where people meet to make crucial decisions for the business like choosing an interim CEO or opening a branch office. A boardroom can also refer to a virtual conference space, where groups gather online. Virtual meetings offer a variety of advantages, such as improved governance, more attendance, less travel expenses and a greater diversity of board members.

The term boardroom is also used to refer to a sports media outlet founded by NBA star Kevin Durant. The Boardroom network features interviews with celebrities and athletes on sports and culture. The network is in partnership with NBCSN and has the original show The Boardroom With Durant and Rich Kleiman.

When a candidate is removed from the show, an emergency Boardroom will be set up to discuss their actions. This is usually the case when a contestant violates the rules or behaves in a way that puts other contestants off. For instance, in season 10, an emergency Boardroom meeting was held following the candidate Anand sent texts to friends requesting to purchase a pedicab ride, which violated the rules of the show.

The Boardroom is set on a studio site and the walls are adorned with large mirrors that hang from them. The chairs for advisers sit on the opposite side of the table than the seats for candidates. The boss’s chair is higher than the rest, to emphasise his or her absolute authority.

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